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Top 10 Places to Visit

When we needed to create top 10 places to visit, we thought about it long and hard! There's umpteen places like the Serengheti, Hokkaido or Bora Bora, but we wanted to be a bit more practical. Here we’ve compiled some of the best places for the LGBT community to visit

10. Copenhagen

Denmark has a long history of tolerance and the gay community is an integral part of the capital’s culture. Also home to an annual gay pride and film festival, Copenhagen hosted the World Outgames in 2009.

9. Barcelona

The boulevards of the Eixample are buzzing with LGBT life, from gorgeous young women to glamorous transsexuals. The same can be said for the rest of the city and it’s extra tolerant attitude; a far cry from the grim days under Franco.

8. Amsterdam

A city renowned for its tolerance, Amsterdam is teeming with queer life. The Netherlands was the first country in the world to make same sex marriage legal and the country’s sexual liberation has led to Amsterdam emerging as one of the globe’s leading gay cities.

The city has its own Pink Point, an information centre for gays and lesbians situated near the Anne Frank House, and next to it a monument dedicated to the promotion of gay rights - the Homomonument - unveiled in 1987. Amsterdam's first gay hotel, the
Golden Bear, has been open on Kerkstraat since 1948, and the city's queer culture is most visible in this street and around Rembrandtplein.

7. Paris

The elegant Marais district is the traditional home of the gay community in the city of love, but travel down the Bois de Boulogne for a darker side of France’s LGBT culture. The Alcantara Cafe is a well know chic lesbian haunt or check out Pigalle for something a little seedier.

6. New York

Home of the Stonewall riots of 1968, Judy Garland and Quentin Crisp, New York has a gay community integrated into its city and politics. Whilst same sex marriage is still illegal in New York State, the city is known for its tolerance. Visit Chelsea or Greenwich Village for an upmarket experience of NYC.


5. Florida

Whilst Florida is full of gay friendly destinations, Miami certainly tops the list of its cities due to its reputation for gorgeous beaches, fashion and boutique hotels. Key West and Ft. Lauderdale aren’t too far away, both known for their thriving gay communities and Key West’s infamous annual street party ‘Fantasy Fest’.

4. London

Home to one of the ‘Best Gay Bars in the World’, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern can be found in the south of the city. Its gay community is at the forefront between the areas of Soho an Earl’s Court where trendy bars and music venues are scattered amongst the historic architecture.

3. Sao Paulo

Home to the largest gay pride parade in the world, South America’s largest city is as diverse as it is lively. Gay-friendly bars, clubs and restaurants are littered across a city which is one of the most dramatic in the Americas with fantastic architecture and skyscrapers.

2. San Francisco

Home to a gay culture that pulses through the city’s veins, gay bars and clubs litter San Francisco’s famous Castro district and beyond. See the Golden Gate Bridge and some fantastic Victorian architecture. The centre of US liberalism is a fantastic place for anyone to visit.

1. Sydney

Sydney’s thriving multicultural gay scene is potentially the most exotic and diverse in the world. From the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to the gorgeous Bondi Beach, Sydney really is the whole package. Rolling hills, palm trees and fantastic theatre; there’s nothing Sydney hasn’t got to offer.

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