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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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Lifestyle & Travel

With so much to do in the cities and towns around the UK and beyond, check out some ideas ranging from travel abroad to city breaks at home, learning a new skill to new relationships.

lifestyle and travel

If you are looking for information on anything from parenting through to celebrities, from travelling the world to visiting UK towns and cities, then we may be able to help in this dedicated lifestyle channel. With help from the LGBT community we are pulling together some great guides and articles on a wide range of topics, helping you to find out more.

Our lifestyle and travel articles will help you spend your hard earned money on something that makes you smile and makes you feel good! We also have a dedicated health channel which also features some travel health guides.

Additional Reading

  • Health & Wellbeing Issues

    Want to find LGBT specific health advice? Why not take a look at our dedicated channel, with everything from ilness to contraception or screening.
  • Claims from Ex-partners

    How do you take into account financial claims from ex-partners? Get some sound advice from our IFA's to help ensure you are protected.
  • Compare Travel Insurance

    For holidays, compare travel insurance to get a single or annual deal that suits your needs. From holiday cover worldwide to local European cover we've got all leading UK insurers.
  • US Retailers Under Pressure From LGBT Community

    There's a group of US retailers that are coming under pressure from the LGBT community thanks to their ties and donations received from CGBG

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All financial advisers and lawyers are LGBT friendly and contact is made on a no-obligation basis.

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