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Bisexual Myths

Bisexuality is an often misunderstood sexuality and myths and misconceptions are commonplace in the media and in people's perceptions.

The thought of a person finding both males and females attractive can be confusing to some people and the actual definition of a bisexual person can be unclear. The fact is sexuality is not as clear cut as gay and straight, but more a spectrum. A spectrum of sexuality, which has a large middle ground of bisexuality.

Some bisexuals will be more attracted to men, some more to women and some equally to both. There are a few bisexual myths, however, that need dispelling.

The first, and likely most common myth, is that bisexual people are more promiscuous than gay or straight people. This is simply not the case as a person’s promiscuity is not affected by their sexuality. The fact is, a gay or straight person is just as likely to sleep around as a bisexual person and, just because a bisexual person may have double the ‘potential’ partners, they aren’t necessarily going to sleep with them all.

It's Not a 'Phase'

Secondly, bisexuality is not a phase. Perhaps the number of confused teenagers claiming bisexuality only fans the flames of this myth and the fact that people may have bisexual experiences whilst they become acquainted with their sexuality. This is perfectly normal and does not make them bisexual and the truth is bisexuality is not simply a phase people go through. True bisexuals will most likely have felt that way as long as they can remember and are likely to feel the same way for the rest of their lives.

The myth that bisexual people are simply confused is also very wrong. Sexuality is not something a person gets to choose and it is a misconception that bisexual people can’t decide if they’re gay or straight. Some bisexuals will lean towards one side of the spectrum. ‘Lean gay’ bisexuals prefer a same sex partner, whilst an opposite sex partner is also an option. The opposite is also true. Bisexuals, once confident in their sexuality, can be as sure of it as any gay or straight person.

Perhaps the most hurtful myth is that bisexual people are responsible for the spread of HIV/AIDs. The fact is HIV is more likely to be spread through gay men having sex. This is in no way discriminatory or homophobic, simply a fact. The thought that the HIV virus was spread by people having sexual intercourse with men and women is not true. HIV is spread by unsafe sex, not bisexuals.

Finally, the myth that bisexual people can’t settle down in monogamous relationships because they’re too likely to be attracted to someone of the opposite sex to their partner is also untrue.

Bisexual people are not more or less likely to cheat or stray from a monogamous relationship as any gay or straight person. Just because they find men and women sexual attractive does not mean they’re any more likely to cheat.

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