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Top 10 Gay UK Events

Why not sort your calendar out early this year as there's plenty of gay events around the UK - in some great cities. So book yourself a weekend away.

Stuck for something to? Out top 10 gay UK events could be just the thing. Want to experience what Gay UK has to offer? We’ve chosen our favourite 10 gay events in the UK to give you an idea of where to start looking for fun days and evenings out:

10. Sparkl

The Northwest’s biggest transgender festival, Sparkle is held on Canal Street in Manchester. It celebrates all things transsexual, hosting music, workshops and talks. The weekend is now in its 7th year and is going from strength to strength.

9. Leeds Pride

The Leeds Pride starts off in Millennium Square and marches through the Gay Quarter of the city. The following street party then kicks off with music, a funfair, stalls and plenty of alcohol.

Leeds Pride is held the first Sunday of August.

8. Cambridge Pink Festival

Held every year in August, the Cambridge Pink Festival is free of charge and hosts live music, comedy and fantastic cabaret.

7. London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

The UK’s biggest gay film festival is held in Leicester Square every spring and hosts gay and lesbian film events. The event is run by the British Film Institute.

6. Northern Pride

Held in July in Newcastle, Northern Pride is the largest LGBT festival in the North East of England.

Held in Leazes Park, the day festival hosts live music and stalls.

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