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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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Arts & Leisure Guides

Whatever your interest in the arts world, from books to theatre or contemporary art, we've got articles to interest you. In this section, we've also included other leisure activities including walking, listening to music and sport.

new york arts and leisure

With such a wide range of contemporary arts and leisure events whether you are LGBT or not, there is much to take in. From Edinburgh Festival to SoHo, New York to Madrid or Sydney, the world is rich in events, readings, festivals and sports that can ensure anyone's leisure time is never wanting.

Check out some of the latest articles below to see what's happening and find out more about key people and events that interest you.

Additional Reading

  • Is There Such a Thing as LGBT Accommodation?

    Why not read our commentary about finding LGBT accommodation and whether it actually exists.
  • Top 10 Gay UK Events

    Check out the top 10 gay events in the UK from concerts to exhibitions or parades.
  • Working Out Your Abs

    Learn how working out your abs can help you with backaches, posture and more. Simple exercises once a day can make all the difference.
  • Top 10 Gay Nights Out in London

    We list a top 10 gay nights out in London to give you some new ideas on where to go and what to do in the Capital.
  • Internet Filters Blocking Content?

    Shortly after the new Internet filters came online in November 2013, LGBT sites such as London Friend and even the LibDem LGBT group's website, have been shown to have been blocked by the filters.

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All financial advisers and lawyers are LGBT friendly and contact is made on a no-obligation basis.

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