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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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Leisure & Arts

Lists and guides to the best LGBT-friendly leisure. Because it's easier to have fun with comfortable and respectful media.

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Having leisure opportunities to hand doesn't always mean that the there are good choices always available. We are saturated with leisure media, and events run continuously across the country. With such a wide range of contemporary arts and leisure events whether you are LGBT or not, there is much to take in. Luckily, our guides can help.

Check out some of the latest articles below to see what's happening and find out more about key people and events that interest you.

Our Top 10 Lists

Top 10 Films

Inspiring and powerful films that appeal specificially to an LGBT audience.

Top 10 UK Events

Events around the UK with an LGBT focus. Make a memorable holiday!

Top 10 Gay Nights in London

Take your weekend plans to the next level
with these brilliant venues.

Top 10 LGBT Albums

Classic and contemporary albums to improve your morning commute.

Out and About

Walk Across Scotland

Self-led walking tours across the most beautiful parts of Scotland.

Sappho in Nine Fragments

A theatre production that sheds new light on classical myth.

Film & Novel Reviews

Becoming Julie

By Julie Clark. Memoirs on finding identity in rural Scotland.

The Good Father (1986)

Though typically classed as LGBT cinema, does this film fit the genre?

Flesh and Blood

By Michael Cunningham. Novel on a gay protagonist's efforts to build a family.

Boys Don't Cry

This coming-of-age film explores the pain of LGBT discrimination. Essential viewing.

Latest Articles

LGBT Character Portrayal

Wrongs and rights of LGBT character development in popular and indie media.

Why is Peter Guillam now Gay?

An exploration on portraying hetero characters as gay for sake of plot.


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Latest Finance Articles

Latest Articles

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