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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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A Single Man - Christopher Isherwood

A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood was made into a fabulous film with Colin Firth. Read our review of the book.

A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood -  made into a film with Colin Firth – is a beautifully written, haunting meditation on life and loss. 

When first published about a half century ago it was considered shocking as it portrayed for the first time the life of a gay man, George, who is recently bereaved and trying to adjust to life without his partner.

George is a college professor, careful and thoughtful. The exquisitely written story covers just 24 hours from the moment he awakens in the morning and remembers that he has lost his partner to his studied, sometimes painful navigation of the day.

We get to know his inner life, his grief and his joy. He goes to bed at the end of his 24 hours feeling that it was time that he moved on with his life and that he was ready to look for love again, but in between,  Isherwood’s lovely spare prose evokes the full life of a gay man. A masterpiece.

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