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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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Our dedicated finance section links you to some of the best financial advisers in the UK - all LGBT-friendly.


Practical Family Finances

Infographic on the essentials of planning and maintaining your family's finances. Features guidelines and mythbusting for non-traditional families.

Quality Financial Advisers

We've recruited advisers across the UK and are adding new advisers week by week. All are chartered financial advisors, the gold standard for professional financial advisers in the UK.

We have advisers across the UK. Find a local adviser by entering your postcode in our finder to the right, Find an adviser in your area.

Pledge to Safety and Equality

What makes our advisers unique is that each company in our database has signed a pledge to uphold equality, diversity, and a safe environment particularly suited for LGBT clients.

Library of Advice

We have a wealth of general information available at your fingertips. Our articles are proofed by independent financial adivsers, so you can be sure of content accuracy.

Savings Insurance

We also have a range of financial articles to keep you up to date.

Active, Effective Help

Can't find an adviser in your area? Can't find something on our site? Contact us and let us know what you're looking for. We'll do our best to help.

LGBT Finance for All

LGBT.co.uk is able to draw on the financial experience afforded from a network of British and Scottish LGBT-friendly IFAs and lawyers - the latter providing us with some valuable legal advice that we keep up to date. At every stage of your life, successful financial planning secures your future. Tailored personal advice secures successful financial planning. Progression in your career, relationships, and personal lives will bring both challenges and excitement, all benefiting from the peace of mind brought by well-informed financial strategies.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender: Let's Get Better Terms.

Latest Finance Articles

Latest Articles

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