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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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How to Access Advice

There are two ways to access financial planning advice through this website.  You can do it yourself using the articles and guides we provide; or you can work with a financial planner.

access financial adviceIf you want to do as much as you can yourself before you consider external help or advice, then read our articles for useful information.

You’ll also find articles on general and specific aspects and approaches to financial planning, as well as our finance blog, which should keep you up to date with market trends and news.

If you prefer someone else to take the legwork out of it, or would be more assured with a professional view, then it’s time to take advice. 

Many people find their financial planners by referral from friends and family; but if that yields no fruit or you want more privacy we have specially selected financial planners and lawyers throughout the UK . All are experts in their own field and commit to working collaboratively with other professionals to best serve the legal and financial planning needs of the LGBT community. 

Whether lawyer or financial planner any other professional we introduce you to you will have their terms of their engagement explained in plain language. It will also be clear who regulates and authorises their activity, and there will be full disclosure of all and any fees.

Anybody can go to a financial planner.  It doesn’t matter what state your finances are in; financial planners are only interested in the unique set of circumstances that make up you, your goals, and your life.  Very much like medical GPs a financial planner does not judge you on what age you are, gender, income or lifestyle. They will work closely with you to get the best outcome for you.  Similarly if you have a specialist financial or legal requirement they will refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

A financial planner’s responsibility is to identify any financial risks you may unwittingly face, and suggest opportunities of which you may not be aware. Most often a financial planner will work with a client, their friends and family for many years.

A good adviser will help you organise, prioritise and resolve financial issuees.

If you would like to speak to an LGBT-friendly financial adviser, please enter your postcode under the box on the right to find an adviser near you.


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