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Lyn Conway Transgender Website

One of the best sites we’ve come across is Lynn Conway’s. Lynn is a highly regarded American professor of electrical engineering and computing, who underwent transition to a woman in 1968.

Her site is gender-quality! She talks about the issue of ‘stealth,’ i.e. how much to share, family matters, the impact of age, and more. Just loads and loads of answers to almost any question you can imagine from an intelligent trans woman who’s been there and now leads a wonderful life, is married and has a career.

One of the most interesting pages is a warning for people to make sure that gender reassignment surgery really is for them. It’s a must-read for everyone who’s thinking about a sex change and does contain some reports of the people for whom transitioning was not the answer.

But overall, the website is positive about transgenderism; it’s life-affirming and just darn interesting. Bookmark it now!


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