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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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LGBT Community

The LGBT community is making a slow and gradual change for the better. Find out more with our dedicated channel all about LGBT community issues.

the lgbt community

The LGBT community as a whole is changing slowly but surely. The once common fears of isolation and disclosure have for most been replaced by a more activist community. We’re focusing on the issues that count and that help you to feel you have support and guidance. The community can provide valuable guidance as and when you need it most.

You can bookmark us now and come back at any time for more information, as we are always adding new content.

Support & Guidance

LGBT Advice Groups

Our list of quality advice and support groups in the UK.

Local LGBT Groups

Meet around a shared interest: themed clubs and organisations.

Online LGBT Groups

Active members of the grassroots online LGBT community.

UK Pride Event Calendar

Our calendar of Pride events across the UK in 2015. Always updating!

Lynn Conway Transgender

Home site of the superstar of the trans community.


Rights & Legislation

LGBT Legislation

A primer on the UK legislation that directly affects the LGBT community.

Equality Act 2010

Summary and impact of the 2010 Equality Act.

Gay Legal History

Read up on highlights of the centuries-old fight for equality.

Modern Gay Rights

What current LGBT legislation means for you.

Discrimination: Overview

An overview of what encompasses discrimination, and its impact.

Latest Articles

LGBT Parallels to Ferguson

Explosive conflict seen in Ferguson, MO, is inevitable with all discrimination.

Monstering by the Press

Is bigotry on trans people the 'price of a free press'?

The Church of Sweets

Candy company leaves a bitter aftertaste for a Scottish LGBT couple.

LGBT Sportspeople

A meditation on LGBT players vs. 'lad' culture in sports.


Additional Reading

  • LGBT Community Edinburgh

    Want to find out more about the LGBT Community in Edinburgh? Where to go and who to call? Check out our guides and helpful numbers to get her.
  • US Retailers Under Pressure From LGBT Community

    There's a group of US retailers that are coming under pressure from the LGBT community thanks to their ties and donations received from CGBG
  • UK LGBT Laws

    Read about the law as it stands for the LGBT Community at large. Read about a range of issues and statutes.
  • LGBT Books

    There's thousands of LGBT books out there - ever wondered which ones to get your nose into?
  • Estate Planning

    Want to find out about estate planning for the LGBT community and how that could affect you? Read our guide and find out how to access LGBT-friendly financial advisers.

Latest Finance Articles

Latest Articles

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