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Finding Tailored Financial Advice for the LGBT Community

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LGBT Books

Books are generally people's first encounter with the LGBT world at large, which is why LGBT books are so important.  It's often in the covers of a book, that we first begin to ask about who we are; and when they have been succesful, some LGBT books have changed the societies which have produced them.

The status of GLBT Literature varies by culture, by place, by time. LGBT books can exist in the mainstream, and be unnoticed even, or they can be epoch-changing works that make a demand for rights by their very existence.

 Some societies may ban LGBT books but a good book, especially if it calls for equal rights, express psychological or archetypal truths about rights in general, and so cannot be ignored by humanity, far less LGBT.

Stories have been used to explain and validate the social institutions of a particular culture for as long as people have been able to tell them, as well as to educate the members of that culture; and LGBT books are no exception. 

Jean Genet Notre Dame des FleursA Boys Own StoryTales of The CityThe swimming Pool LibraryThe Drag King BookGender OutlawGender Outlaws

Forbidden Love

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