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Let's Get Better Terms

Welcome to We can link you to some of the best financial advisers in the UK - all LGBT-friendly - as well as some great content tailored to the LGBT community.

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We’ve recruited advisers across the UK, who are aware of the specific issues that many LGBT people face when looking to secure their future.

If you’re looking for general information about financial planning, loans and mortgages, saving, insurance and other financial protection, or want to find out more about running your own business, we've got it here for you.

Our site also has plenty information about LGBT lifestyle. We provide a platform for bloggers, updates on political and legal developments that impact the LGBT community, as well as promoting LGBT events everywhere in the country.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender: Let’s Get Better Terms.

At time of writing, same-sex marriage has been achieved in England and Wales and Scotland is expected to follow in autumn 2014. In Northern Ireland, there is as yet no estimate when same-sex marriage will be available - it will have to come by court-case, as a majority in the Assembly have opposed it.

Civil partnership remains available UK-wide, and soon (but not yet) civil partners will be able to transform their relationship into marriage.

However, within this legal semblance of equality, rights can be hard to enforce as their efficacy or otherwise is really a matter of attitudes rather than rights. Battles also remain regarding the unique position of LGBT people in specific financial matters; these include inheritance tax, pension legislation, joint mortgages, ethical investment strategies; and insurance premiums.

We're committed to finding financial advisers who can guide you through financial planning for you and your family, with sensitivity and expertise in the specific issues that many lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people face when looking to secure their future.

We've recruited advisers across the UK and are adding new advisers week by week. If you want to locate a good financial adviser, someone who you can feel confident is both expert and LGBT-friendly, enter your postcode under the banner Find an adviser in your area. Each adviser has signed a LGBT-inclusive equality and diversity statement and will actively promote LGBT issues.

But if you can’t find an adviser in your area or if you can’t find what you need on the site, please contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll do our best to help.

Have a look at our LGBT lifestyle pages too. They’re packed with informative and entertaining pieces relating to the kind of life you lead. We’ve articles on LGBT health concerns, arts reviews and useful information on travelling as an LGBT person.

Find an adviser in your area...

All financial advisers and lawyers are LGBT friendly and contact is made on a no-obligation basis.


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